Monday, 26 November 2012

Our kit, our mods, and our spares

This is what we did and what we took, and there was nothing that we didn't use - frequently.

Nadine's most useful piece of kit was her Leatherman, mine was the tarp. We used both pieces of kit everyday and they were invaluable.

The multitool Leatherman was used to farkle the bikes, cut rope and cable ties, modify clothing, and mend my arm. The tarp became a shelter, something to sit on, and a bike cover, as well as a base for mending engines and fixing punctures. It cost £10.00 from B&Q in Sutton.

Our Adjustments
-       Replaced engine mounting bolts
-       Reinforced electrical blocks with cable ties
-       Spark plug cap and spark plug - replaced both
-       Taped the inside of the wheel rims
-       Tightened and Loctited all bolts
-       Taped the headstock wiring to stop it chaffing
-       Rerouted the wiring under the fuel tank to stop chaffing
-       Removed the kick-stand cut-off switch
-       Removed kill switch
-       Put extra shock absorption in the rear lights
-       Wired the licence plate to the bike
-       Jubilee clipped the footpegs
-       Added sat-nav wiring and 12v chargers
-       Extended the rack
-       Fitted some Grip-Puppies on the handlebars
-       Fitted eyelets to attach baggage to front of leg shields
-       Built a cage around the headlamp

Our Spares
-       Clutch plates and puller
-       Spare rear tyre each
-       Chain and sprocket set
-       Inner tubes
-       Wheel bearings
-       Spokes
-       Tub of grease
-       Throttle cable
-       Spare number plate
-       Bulbs

Our kit
       2 Tents
       Down Sleeping bag and silk liners
       Cooking kit
       Minimal personal kit
       First Aid Kit
       Paw Paw cream
       Minimal tools (only what was needed and doubled up where possible)
       IPod and Laptop
       Rehydration tablets
       Photocopies of important paperwork
       Fake licences for Russian police
       Camera – waterproof and good
       USB storage sticks and SD cards