Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bugger, its all gone wrong!

Yep it has...........decided to change the oil. And what happens? The thread in the crankcase bolt hole gives up the ghost and now I can't tighten the bolt, which means it will leak, shake loose, drain the oil, cause the engine to seize and I'll be over the handlebars like superwoman on a mission. So it now needs drilling and helicoiling.

Fortunately, the ever lovely Clive from Hartgate's in Mitcham  says he can sort it - but not until Friday. Better take him some big fat doughnuts for fitting me in then. But at least tomorrow will be a clean hands day.

Good news is I fixed the leaking carb. Just a seal. But better these problems happen now than en route to Portsmouth on Saturday morning I suppose.......although that's not quite what I said at the time.