Sunday, 5 August 2012


After another relaxing morning we headed for the Temple of Heaven. A temple to pray for good harvest in the centre of a park. As we wandered through the park there were people milling about everywhere. People playing mah-jong, cards, or just chatting. There were groups of people creating flash-choirs, singing what sounded like folk songs, though without understanding it's hard to tell. No-one was bothered by us wondering about taking photos, and mingling with the crowd. Some were as interested in us as we were in them, and put on a show for the camera and allowed us to be part of what they were doing. One of the best bits of travelling is blending in with the locals and being part of things. Them being comfortable with our presence is quite a privileged feeling. It was quite enjoyable just to sit and listen to the music, and watch people play their games. It was much like speakers corner in London's Hyde Park, where people can do they like and no-one is bothered.

We saw the temple, but because of the oppressive heat, we didn't hang around too long. It was quite pretty, with a lot of tourists, but it was soon time to move on. 

From there we went to the pearl market, which contrary to the name, sells more than pearls, though that is a large part of the markets. The sales girls on the whole were characters, and the sales pitch usually on the cheeky side. We bought some t-shirts from 2 girls who were very good at the banter. After we had succumbed, we told them about the trip we had just done. They were so impressed they didn't believe us and wanted proof. So we swapped email so we could do just that.

We bought a few knick-knacks at the market, though none of them pearls as we couldn't afford the ones we liked. Of course. Then we headed back to the hotel where we watched the olympics before going to a chinese restaurant where Nads had Peking Duck, which has to be done when in Peking.

Another great day all round!