Thursday, 9 August 2012

We did it!!!!

Yep we did – we found something made in the UK. Look at this – a London black cab. OK so it's a left hand drive and the logo is wrong but its def a Hackney carriage....and we don't think it's made in China.......

Went to Peking University today, right on the outskirts of the city. My great uncle taught her back in the 1920s – he was a professor of English. The place was pulled apart following the Cultural Revolution in 1949, but what was left of his stuff and didn't make it back to the UK is still there. Books and papers etc. We didn't see any of that of course but we did have a look around the campus and found another excellent sign in the Library foyer. Of particular interest are points four and seven.

The campus was quite nice, with a big lake in the middle, and old pagoda and some lions. Now can you see what I mean about the Olympic 7 star hotel building being modelled on a dragon's head? 

We came back to the hotel in the late afternoon because I felt rubbish and needed to sleep. We've both had headachy colds and sore throats this week and its finally caught up with us. I recovered by about 1900 hrs so we went out again for a wander.  Spied more funny things while wandering the this woman's great sightseeing shoes, the Chinese road digger, and the monks parading their threads outside McDonalds, as well as some open air welding in the middle of the street. Odd things most definitely goes on in London too but it's a case of not noticing the familiar.

But then Nadine started to feel feverish and unwell , and started radiating heat. So I had to do the nurse thing, make her go to bed, and then sort her out with wet towels and paracetamol; revenge on behalf of all those patients she has tortured over the years with ice packs etc. But it seems to have worked and she is now asleep and snoring very loudly on her side of the room; this is when it's good to be in a hotel and not camping...