Sunday, 14 October 2012

It's been a few months....well, two actually

Yep, we've been back here in the UK now for two months, following the scooter ride across Europe and Asia. However, neither of us has been idle, and we've actually managed to get some stuff sorted     ( such as damaged hands, knees and feet), speak at a couple of HUBB meetings about the
ride, and also fit in a few additional mini trips as well as day rides and stuff. And that is in addition to the usual things that have to be done on a daily basis - you know - sorting out the house, fixing the bikes, doing the shopping, paying the bills, etc etc.

And a kitten has now moved in - a six month old wild child called Mayday, whose favourite pastime seems to be sofa scratching. Not for long will lose you know.....

We're also partway through planning the next biggie - a scooter circumnavigation and crisscrossing at will to interesting places in Oz in 2013. But in the meantime and to stop riding withdrawal symptoms, this is where we've been:

  • The Isle of Wight
  • Lincoln
  • Paris
And it's lucky Belgium's turn next weekend with a five handed WW1 Battlefields Tour on bikes           ( Belle, Gordon, Nads, Mike, Sue )