Monday, 22 October 2012

Places revisited

Well, not exactly. The plan is to revisit in terms of sifting through the thousands of photos taken this year on rides across Africa and Asia, and then writing about what we did here and what we saw there. So it's more of a reflection I suppose, a consideration of stuff now that we're back home with time to spare. It wasn't possible to post pictures every day anyway, due to lack of WiFi, or security worries, particularly in Africa, and even when we could, we were limited by slow connections.

And on the subject of being back home.......that  was far harder to deal with than any of the actual travelling or difficulties that we faced, and it hit me very hard; I think it got to Nadine too.

For me, it was like a malaise, a feeling of being disconnection and not belonging anywhere or being part of anything anymore. I lost interest in everything ; a real listless time during which I lacked motivation for anything, even riding.

So much had happened in three and a half months and I knew that I had changed as a result, yet back at home, everything seemed to have stayed still; stuff and people just plodded along as usual, seemingly getting nowhere, and taking ages in the process. It all seemed so pointless and ridiculous as a result, almost inconsequential, and it really got to me.

Neither of us were prepared for it, which I suppose is not surprising, given that we had no idea that it would happen.

But two months later, we're over it, and I am now working my way through pictures and movies, and will be posting stuff as and when I can.