Saturday, 2 June 2012

Cor what a nice day today

 Spent all day riding long the Black Sea coast, west to east towards Georgia. My bike was Ok with no oil leaking but Nadine's clutch is now slipping badly - much worse than ever before and that's not great, particularly as we paid a bloke to replace the whole clutch unit yesterday in Sinop. If it wasn't so far away, we'd turn around and go and have a word with him. Not impressed at all. Its such a simple job which we could have done ourselves, but as we were stuck in the repair shop we got him to do it. Big mistake as he clearly doesn't know what he's doing. So well have to srt that out before we can ride today.

Anyway, on the positive side, we met some more lovely blokes at a petrol station today. Cant remember where it was but they made us Chai and we chatted -sort of - in a bus which now serves as their office.

Had a nice lunch stop in a town somewhere on the coast - again can't remember where but people kept coming up and chatting to us, welcoming us to Turkey and looking at us. Also lots of people tooting their horns and waving at us, and several weddings.

Hit 5000kms today. Still got a long way to go though, and hope to get to Georgia tomorrow.

Staying at a place called Arsin, about 20 kms east of Trabzon, and having stopped here, we now know why it was so named. A bit like Mitcham on the Black Sea, where everybody is married to their sister or their dog or both. But the hotel is Ok, although bizarrely they only speak French. So it was my turn to do the talking tonight. Funny  as I'd  tuned my ears into German although I cant speak much of it.