Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Updates from Northern Kazakhstan

Tues.19th June.  Update from Nadine - taken from the Gobi Gals Facebook page...Wow. What a day. Only 5 punctures... All on Belle's bike somehow too. It didn't help that the glue for the patches wouldn't set because it was so hot, so we'd get a km down the road and it would fall off! The last one was a bad one. In an intersection, Belle's rear tyre blew suddenly, and she nearly came off. Unfortunately we had to move 100m up the road, and the tube was royally stuffed. Luckily a very nice man by the name of Nikolai helped and drove back and forth to a repair place, and informed us that our 2 spare tubes are stuffed. So fingers crossed we make it into the next city to buy some new ones! We need only to go 40 kms, but we had 3 puntures in that distance this morning!! So it is now 2 in the morning, and we have just come into the hotel room, showered and eaten. A long day, that started so well!! Now in the morning I have to fix my gear level which is slipping and rotating and therefore not doing it's job. Will we ever get a break!? That is what we are wondering... Heading north tomorrow, hopefully, and heading to Omsk where we hope to get a train to Irkutsk. Fingers crossed everybody!!!