Friday, 1 June 2012

We're back on the road at long last, albeit later than we'd hoped. The parts arrived on time but the mechanic did not, and we didn't get going until 4pm rather than the noon we'd been promised. A bit frustrating, especially as our Russian visas started today and as we only have 30 days to go everywhere we had planned, it has made that more difficult. And that is why we really needed to cross that border today and not still have two days ride across Turkey and two more across Georgia before we even get there. That seemed quite difficult for the people here to grasp; they meant well and were very kind, but a straight forward engine replacement – which is what I'd asked for – would have been much quicker and much cheaper.

So we spent the morning doing odd jobs whilst waiting for the mechanic. Watched the fishermen ( or fish hunters as the Turks call it – not sure if thats what it is in their own language or its a quirk of translation but it sounds really cool and that's what I shall term it from now on)
 Then were escorted out of town by our new biker mates, probably to make sure we left for good this time.

Managed to reach Samsun just before dark which wasn't bad given the delayed departure. 

We'd only been here 15 mins when we were picked up by an elderly couple who turned out to be the hotel owners who escorted to a kebab restaurant. Great food and when we left, the owner escorted us back to our hotel, having been ordered to do so by the elderly couple.

Very tired tonight. Lets hope the mended engine holds up and there isn't a puddle of oil in the hotel garage in the morning.