Friday, 15 June 2012

Gobi Gals updates from Kazakhstan!!

Belle reports that her left wrist has now been x-rayed & all strapped up. She describes it as having minor damage.  They are, as of 13.30hrs UK time, waiting for a train in an air conditioned pub  in Aktobe in North-West Kaz to travel South to Aralsk.  They are heading there for a two day break for a flying visit to see the Aral sea (or ex-sea as it is now!). They have left their Scoots in the safe keeping of the 5 Star Amsterdam hotel in Aktobe.  This will rest Belle's wrist some more as on their return to Aktobe on Sunday the plan will be for them to ride to Russia & hope to catch a train(s) (with the Scoots!) to Novosibirsk & Irkutsk. This will then hopefully allow them to cross the Russian border into Mongolia well before their Russian visa expiry date of 30th June. This will also cut down the riding mileage riding in Mongolia down too UB