Saturday, 21 July 2012

A day out at the giant Chinggis statue

Finally made it out to  Terelj National Park 50kms east of UB, and the Chinggis statue. Ride out was mostly on tarmac except when we got into the park, then there were random patches of off road, which was interesting, given that we were two up on the Chinese bike.

The statue is massive yet we kept expecting to see it but didn';t., till suddenly we went over a rise until this giant thing  blinded us with its sparkling silver mahousiveness. It was bright and sunny anyway, but there was this thing shining away like a giant disco ball in the sunlight, and in the middle of nowhere. It really is the maddest thing ever - 40 metres tall, with a Chinngis sitting astride a giant horse looking a bit cross. And all of this is on top of a big round three storey building, astride a man made hill.

There are museums housing a private collection of arrow heads , buckles and bits of armour etc, a small movie theatre, restaurant and a shop - for some reason selling bits of cake and packets of dried banana.  And a giant boot - 9m tall,, three tonnes and a world record,  made from the hides of 350 cows and loads of bits of string.

 Yes I know.... a pair of old boots.

We had to go up in the horses head - by elevator, the elevator being up the horses arse. A novel design.
Then stopped at a roadside stall with some vultures and eagles, and had our pictures taken holding them.

Very touristy but it had to be done.

Camping tonight at the Oasis in between the gers. Black market again tomorrow, and then final bits of touristy stuff before our final camping.