Monday, 2 July 2012

Big Dirt Day

Bit fed up day. Set off earlyish. Had to unpick the roads after going the wrong way yesterday. Made our way back to the town with no name and found the one signpost to UB.

 Rode miles of dirt track to another unnamed town, then realised we were lost. 

Spent 2 hours trying to find our way to the correct dirt track, but it was impossible. 

Ended up in the town rubbish dumb, where a woman picking over assorted detritus, pointed us in the right direction. After several false starts and a temper tantrum, we eventually got on the right track to UB. 

Met a Canadian cyclist named Brian who was troubled by flies. Swapped stories with him and then carried on up over the mountains eventually reaching a flat valley where we rode for miles without seeing anybody. Saw some eagles, storks, camels and domesticated animals. A dried up lake with horses standing in it. 

Still have no phone reception, and about 150kms from UB. Set up camp on a hillside. Our stove isn't working despite my efforts to troubleshoot it, so I made a fire with the abundant horse poo. Dinner tasted quite good a la horse crap. Going to try and make UB tomorrow, as this has taken us a lot longer than anticipated.