Monday, 2 July 2012

A hard day today

Got away late but that was OK because that's what we'd intended to do. It was so nice where we were last night that it would have been a shame to leave it before we needed to.

Met two blokes travelling the other way together. Nick from Belgium and Devon from the States. They had bought q couple of Chinese dirt bikes in UB and were headed to Khuvsguul. 

Shortly after that I crashed. Quite a big off after hitting a patch of sticky mud - a full on over the handlebar cartwheel. I knew something was wrong when the mountains were suddenly upside down.  I saw stars just l;ike on Tom and Jerry and couldnt get up for a couple of  minutes, but was otherwise Ok. Bent the footpeg and jammed the gear lever, twisted the wheel so that they weren't aligned with the forks, bruised my ribs, leg and ankle and landed on my already not working very well wrist. But no problem though as caring nurse Nadine was there to take a photo. However she really let me down by failing to get it on video.

Piste got quite hard after that - gravel and sand, so it slowed us down. Needed a sleep to get over the crash thing which worked out very well because as I dozed in the dirt, Nadine fixed my bike. Win win. 

Then we got a bit lost – there is quite a bit of gold prospecting going on around here and the whole landscape is dug up even across the tracks.
 And of course there are no signs anyway, and now there is a massive e town in the middle of nowhere with now name. Very weird.