Saturday, 28 July 2012

Arrived in Beijing

Got here this afternoon. Hot, smoggy and very busy but at least we're here! Seems weird to be without a bike though, and because of the problem with not being able to send stuff back to the UK by train, we're carrying far more luggage that we had planned – which is not great anyway, but particularly when it is so hot.

The train was ok but it cured us both of any thoughts of crossing Russia by the Trans Siberian Railway – it is too boring. We spent 36 hours traversing the flat sandy landscape of the Gobi desert, with the odd camel for interest, before passing into wet and humid China with some interesting hills, but that's all. Nope, motorbikes continue to be top choice for travel for both of us, despite the crashes, the dust and being chased by dogs. 

Stayed in room all afternoon – sleeping, eating and generally chilling before we go out tomorrow and do touristy stuff. Hotel is great and just of Tienaman Square, so we're very central. Will do a tour to the Great Wall, and lots of walking round the Forbidden City etc over the next few weeks. 

Apologies for the lack of illustrating pictures but that's down to the Chinese Government restricting access to social networking sites. Will try and send a few by hotmail though as and when its possible.