Thursday, 12 April 2012

Big day today

 Type papers arrived from China yesterday so number one job today is to register them with the DVLA in Wimbledon. I have strict and comprehensive instructions from Valerie at Riders and she knows what is what so hopefully, it should be straightforward.  Fingers crossed.

Tony also reckons our non starting problem might be linked to us having removed the side stand cut out afterall. Probably need to bridge the loom, so we'll give that a go too. This is exactly why we bought the bikes unmade - to learn as we go, and while we still have access to people with relevant info. Good call that one, but we now won't be able to ride them to Coventry as planned this w/e as we still need to insure them. But no matter; we'll just have to ride them lots next week. Not worried about the running in bit as much as finding specific problems that need to be sorted before we leave.

Next most pressing task today is to find frogspawn for my 6 year old niece. According to her, it is very important, and although I'm not quite sure why, I am apparently the only one who can possibly get it for her. Must be because I have nothing else to do in my leisure filled days...........but on the plus side, she was able, unaided, to find both Mongolia and China on her world map yesterday ( or the ' picture of everything' as she calls it) and tells me she will draw us a map to help us get there. Goodo.