Thursday, 12 April 2012

We have scoots!

Yep, almost done and looking very scoot like and ready to ride now. Yaay!!

Nadine's friend Tony acted as our gofer and extra pair of hands yesterday, which was great as we zipped through the last few fiddley and heavy bits. Then we fired Nadine's up; it turned over OK but wouldn't spark, and we suspect the very dodgy looking plug cap and lead. We'd planned on replacing both anyway but we're still awaiting the caps, so until we can do that job, we're a bit snookered.

We're also waiting for the type approval certs from China. They are apparently on way, the factory having forgotten to send them. They should arrive today, so then it will be a trip to the local rego office in Wimbledon, get our plates, insure the bikes, and then road test the wee beasties.

Visas are also in the pipeline, final bits of essential kit have arrived - including some flat 5L fuel cans. We'll take two each, which will give us a 13L capacity, which should give us a range of  300 miles/500km plus. Won't be a problem in Europe and we'll probably use one as a water carrier, but it will be useful in the more remote bits.