Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A bit of limb-o........

So close but still not quite there. I'm away at the moment getting my arm fixed -  might be a rotator cuff injury but hopefully not and it can be fixed with intensive physio at the Police Rehabilitation Centre at Goring (near Reading). They are superb and have fixed me before, so I'm very confident that I'll be sorted. It had hurt so much on the ride across Africa though that I was almost on the point of not being able to carry on, but as the point of no return had long since vanished into the Sahara, I just kept riding and got Sue and Nadine to help me manipulate it and manage it that way. But things look good and ,we're still on for next Thursday and ride time!

So poor old Nadine has been doing the last minute jobs, and we now have plates, visas, essential spares and tyres,a medical kit and even a packing list! Haven't ridden the scoots yet but we will on Sunday. Gordon is planning to ride with us as far as Germany before heading back to work, then we're on our own. Us and the Chinese scoots and 10 000 miles -scarily exciting.