Friday, 27 April 2012

Must try this disappearing thing again.....

My arm is now fixed - many thanks David for your hard work this week; it is much appreciated and I shall send you a postcard. And also to Hilary for being such a good egg, and David's friend Gillian for top tips on travel sleep with a manky arm.

But the best news of all ( for me at least) is that while I've been away, my bike has` been miraculously sorted out by the various people currently squatting in my house. 12v charger wired in, bike run, useless Chinese oil with accumulated swarf drained and replaced with fresh non swarfy oil, seat and rack put back on, headlamp grill sorted. Just got to locktite nuts, extend the backrack, put the legshields back on, find the spare passport I have misplaced (its the 'clean' one of course, and so quite important but it will be somewhere.....I hope), then turn up on Thursday and ride to China. Good old biker mates - top people!

Also had a phone call from bro in law in Ulan Bataar to say the tyres I sent out two months ago have arrived safe and sound. Somewhat bizarre to be standing in my room at the Police Rehab place in lovely rural Oxfordshire, and be talking to a bloke 10000 miles away in a ger in the coldest capital city in the world about my bike. Mad. Almost as mad as me buying a train ticket from Ulan Bataar to Beijing over the phone on Wednesday - cost £195.00 but then I got a call back to say the exchange rates had been revised so it was actually only £168.00 Result.

Catch up pics - including one of the newly mended arm - to follow on Sunday.