Tuesday, 10 April 2012

We're getting there.....

Thanks to a wet and dismal Easter, we are further ahead building the bikes than we expected to be. Nadine's is almost done and actually looks sort of bike like, whilst Belle's should be like that by later today. Nadine can't do any more at the moment though as we've decided to replace the HT lead and spark plugs on both bikes, and are just waiting for them to arrive.

Rerouting the wiring loom was a good call ( thanks Tony) as was removing the side stand cut out switch. That is highly likely to break and prevent the engine from starting, so disconnecting it before we go makes sense, rather than at the side of the road in the dark - as usually happens. The old C90s never had them anyway, so its not a problem.

We've also removed the uber crap paper thin Chinese rim tape from both wheels and gaffer taped the rims instead. Hopefully that will retard any spoke damage, and we've resited the main switch relay and  waterproofed it with a latex glove, instead of the rubbish watercover that came with the bike. Resiting means that the assembly actually now fits inside the cover instead of having to be crammed into  a space that just doesn't work. Should reduce wire chafing and allow us to replace fuses more easily too.
Then we'll do the locktight thing, protect the front and rear main lights ( haven't decided how yet - maybe perspex, maybe wire mesh) and fix the rear number plate assembly so that the plate doesn't fall off. Will probably also get tin plates if we can as they don't snap like the plastic ones.

Visas are underway too. Decided to use Stan Tours to save the paperwork headache and did the Russian visa via Real Russia. The Mongolian one is no problem though as my sis in law will get them when she gets hers ( she is Mongolian and rather indignant because now she has a British passport, she too needs a visa; the Mongol Govt doesn't allow dual nationality, or as they told her 'Mongol or not' and 'not' is far easier when it comes to roaming the world).

So that is us up to date. Photos to follow as soon as I find under which pile of tools and spares my camera is.