Friday, 20 April 2012

Bikes are working!!!!

Yaay! My bike started first time - much to Nadine's annoyance as hers was still playing hard to get. But thanks to good old Peter Darke ( of Darke Cycles, Sunderland - top man, good pal, and fellow C90 to Gambia rider) we traced the problem to a faulty kill switch. So we were almost there ourselves but couldn't nail it - until Peter said ' maybe it's a reverse switch', which is exactly what it turned out to be.

We had removed it and joined the wires to complete the circuit - but actually, the wires needed to be separate as joining them broke it. Simple, infuriatingly frustrating, but now we know!

New point and shoot camera arrived yesterday. No extending lens on this one to be jammed by dust and grit, and easy to keep in a top pocket. Yet it is a move to the dark side - Nikon from Canon, but as long as it works like it's supposed to (Mr Canon please note) then that is OK.

And even better is that it can be configured for lefties - so much easier for me riding one handed and taking pics.

Airflow jacket is also here. Cooler for hot weather but still OK for general riding - with a few layers and a windproof light jacket over the top.

Just about to sort a backing plate for the number plate and grilles to cover the headlamp. Got the tin, got the mesh, so here goes.