Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Oh flippin' heck.....

....where has this week gone? Its Tuesday night, we leave on Thursday but are we ready? No of course not. And we're panicking. A lot.

Good news is that the bikes are good and we have ridden them. Not far, but we've done it and they are fine. No crashes, no arrests, no wheels overtaking us going down hill. Goodo. They are now parked outside and the dining room is bikeless and a bit empty - you can actually eat in it now, much to the husband and sons' astonishment.

 Anyway, here they are in Wimbledon yesterday.....and in a bit of sunshine too. Just need to put some stickers on them, then pack, find various essential documents ( including my Yellow Fever jab certificate which I seem to have misplaced) mark the route on the map .... and then we're ready.

And this is the trip tee shirt that the always lovely Peter Darke of Darke Cycles in Sunderland  made for us. Top bloke and very cool shirt - thanks Pete ( a fellow Gambia rider)

So I guess tomorrow it really is our last chance to get sorted. I've given up looking for my new point and shoot camera - which I think I probably accidentally packed and freighted to Mongolia last Sunday. (It was a bad day all round) so I've had to buy another one for those essential 'riding along one handed when you're not supposed to shots' en route. Good job it wasn't one of my bigger cameras that got posted.

But would you believe it, just as I am on the verge of clearing off for several months, I get offered two very cool photographic jobs this summer. Said thanks but no thanks though.... but neither matched up to this. Last night at CFC. It's who you know............