Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blasted across Greece today

Guess what? Yep we were late leaving again this morning although we thought we were doing pretty well. Only trouble was the clocks had gone forward an hour and we didn't realise. So our 0930 was in fact the rest of Greece's 1030. But we made up for it by packing in the miles on motorways and now we're in Xanthi, about 140kms from the Turkish border.

This Greek wifi is not good - very poor signal for the third night in a row, and pix are taking ages to upload. Will try after we've eaten tonight.

Actually, it made a nice change to fang it along fast roads. This is obviously what the Greeks have been spending European money on - building luvverly wide fast unused highways, just built for blatting.So it would have been rude not to test them out.

Bikes went really well today as well. If you go fast enough, you can't hear the rattles and nothing has the chance to fall off, so we've still got everything we set off with this morning.Got to do oil, chain and tyres tomorrow.

Saw a tortoise crossing the motorway. Didn't fancy his chances much as plenty of hedgehogs en route had tried and so failed. Also some big heron/stork things were hanging as we sped past. Top speed today was off the clock ( ok, going down hill) at 90kph. Woohoo.

Plan is to head for Galipolli, then Troy, then up to Istanbul for Tuesday.