Friday, 25 May 2012

Last day in Istanbul today

We're planning on leaving in the morning. Had some great news today - the Georgia/Russia landborder opened to non Georgian/ CIS citizens about a month ago, which means we should be able to cross that way. That will save us about £400.00 and a night on a ropey old ferry across the Black Sea. So lets hope they don't shut it again before we get there.

Ed (March) arrived last night on his C90 he's ridden from Malaysia. Its now in tatters next to ours in the Club, but will be sorted soon. too.Poor bloke. He'd been here all of 10 mins and we made him take his clothes off so that we could wash them in the washing machine in the apartment. Fed him, then sent him back to his accommodation in his shorts and one cleanish teeshirt.But he came back for more tonight, albeit this time fully clothed. Note the exquisite crockery we're using.

Wandered about the city again, went into San Sophia church which is an amazing place. Really old and ornate inside.

Then came back and skyped Bikesure who are mucking about with our bike insurance. Walked miles again, then hopped on the tram. But not before we'd seen this random bloke pushing a pile of carpets down the tram tracks. Probably because he could.

Really not happy with them at all but they were all sweetness and light and said it was all fine - it had been a mistake their end. So I made them confirm that on email just to be sure.

Saw this sign too - thought for  moment it was a Turkish Bikesure but it wasn't - it's one of the biggest electrical companies in the country.

Finished fixing the bikes too. The lovely blokes here have made us some little racks to lodge our fuel cans on too, and short of loading up, we're all ready to go. We'll be heading east across northern Turkey and plan on taking four days to get there.