Monday, 14 May 2012

Outdone by the snow

So what do you do when you are trapped indoors by snow when you really need to be on way to somewhere else? Well, you give in find your own entertainment, that's what.

A lazy morning looking at maps, reading Lonley Planet and considering alternative routes should it still be as bad tomorrow, followed by a foray into town, weearing several layers of clothes because we only have minimal personal kit. That therefore means that our waterproof hi viz bike jackets double as wandering around town coats; we look ridiculous but we don't care.

And things look different in the snow. Check out the Mosque and the graveyard.

Spent an hour at Haris' (The Hostel owner) office, chatting to him, Juliette and Wojtek and eating burek. Then wandered off to an ATM to get some more money (we planned our Bosnian marks so well, that we had very few left by this morning, which would have been great, had we been able to leave)

Then it was tea time, followed by some more wandering to find bits for the shisha pipe donated by Wojtek. But its funny what you spot in downtown Sarajevo when you least expect it.
Given that there are only 2 .5 million Mongols worldwide, and those who don't live in Mongolia seem to live in Bromley, this was a real surprise.

But this was the top spot of the day......and its for yoghurt incase you were wondering.
 And to round the day off, we took a spin round the Central Mosque - called the Gazi Huzreb Beg mosque - in downtown Sarajevo. We didn't even need a scarf to cover our heads because we both had beanies on which we pulled down over our heads, and the bloke was mightily impressed that we had arrived suitabley attired. Interesting inside, and we took some pics - all by the grace of Allah and Nikon.