Thursday, 10 May 2012

Croatia Today

Left Ljubljana this morning and wandered down to the border with Croatia near to Postonja. Great winding roads on the way there, almost deserted, some up in the hills, alongside fields and lakes, some through towns but all great to ride. Slovenia is a cracking place – generally very rural but urban in a sort of understated way. Just short of the border, there was a waft of wild garlic floating over the road. Not sure if it was deliberate and designed to keep invading Croatians or vampires away, but it smelled great.

Both sets of border guards laughed at us when we crossed into Croatia – Slovinian and Croatian –  when they asked where we were heading. We're used to that by now though and it meant we got through super quick, so we were soon on our way.Of course, this might also have something to do with it.
Well, you have to dry your small somehow when on the road.

Rode down to the sea at Rijeka, right on the Adriatic, had lunch there, did some internet banking, and discovered that wifi is free in the whole town, paid for by the City Council. Why can't Boris do that in London?

Continued along the coast to Ozijek. The Adriatic coast is something else – lots of islands, mountains and wide open space, all set off by azzurre sea that is so clear that you can see the sea bed from the road. Then we turned inland, rode up the gorge, through a valley of farms and into Plitvice National Park. Stopped just short of the border because we were tired and it was getting late. Currently camping at a nice site, still in the Park, testing out the camping kit for the first time. Hope it works Ok because its a bit cold up here in the mountains. And guess what? We can get wifi in our tent!! Come on down!