Monday, 21 May 2012

We've had an excellent day today

Indeed we have. Breakfast was a bit suspect but turned out Ok in the end. Fresh bread, about 16 jams, an egg, and some cheese. And Nescafe. Why do that do that here when they have the best coffee ever?

So what did we do? Well we spent the morning poking about the various ANZAC memorials on the Gallipoli peninsula.Again, it's now a really peaceful place and hard to believe that such a bitter battle was fought here. But it was, and that's what all the stuff is for.

 Riding with the scoots unloaded is very good. They are so light an flickable that it just makes you want to ride them into inaccessible places, which I tried this morning but fell off and broke the one remaining mirror. The ground was just too soft after a landslide.

But at least I didn't do this.

 We spent the next 10 mins pulling it out of 30cms of mud. Couldn't have done that with a  bigger bike. Got a bit muddy ourselves too,esp the  boots.

Went past this place on the way to the port. Shame we didn't spot this as we would definitely have stayed here instead of in town.(look second bottom on the sign)

Then caught the ferry across The Dardenalles. to Asia.

Looking back towards Europe from Asia

Only cost two quid each, and we met a gang of Goldwing riding Austrians on board,. They were really cool, good blokes , and seemed very amused with what we're up to.

However, they understood that not everybody can ride a golden Chinese scoot.

Spent the afternoon in Troy but never did catch up with Helen. However, her horse was nearby.
 Did the whole Troy thing just because we felt we should, but its essentially a pile of rocks and stones linked to one of Homer's Iliad poems.  But evidence suggests that there was such a place, or in fact, archaeologists have discovered nine ( yes nine) previous cities on the same site. But according to the same blokes, various artifacts suggests that it did actually exist afterall.

But we think its a lie. There was no such thing as the Trojan horse. It was cats that caused Troy to fall. Look.

That's it. Off to Istanbul tomorrow to do battle with the traffic.