Sunday, 6 May 2012

We've made it to Saltzburg

Got here at about 8pm last night and found a place to stay in a hostel which is actually OK. Modern and clean and not full of woolly old hippies. They also let us park the bikes in their garage which was good of them as it means they're not only tucked away but we have a dry place to do the daily service on them.

Fabulous roads today too - empty, winding and through open countryside, although around Munich, other drivers were a bit mad and scary, overtaking us at very high speed and cutting in for no apparent reason. Don't think it was aimed at us though - just impatience and the style of driving that seems to be the way things are done around here.Our bikes are now fully run in and nipping along nicely - comfortable to ride at a steady 70/80kpm (45/50 mph).Good on fuel too - we fill up about every two hours or so and it costs about 8 euros for both bikes together. Can't complain about that. Also picked up some oil and removed my very rattley exhaust guard. Nadines's came off several days ago, but they are of no use what so ever, and so not a problem. Now over 1000k mark on the clock - 973 k more than when we left home. Easy!!

Gordon left us and rode home today too.He was heading for Ypres in Belgium to spend a day there riding around before crossing back over the water to Blighty. Think he was torn between riding on with us and going back to work. Off to Slovenia today.