Saturday, 5 May 2012

A wet old ride today

You know what? It rained all bloody day today. All day. Tipped it down, right through Luxembourg and all across Germany. Skies were spectacular though - inky black, with shafts of silver sunlight and lots of rainbows but we're so over that now, so dull dry skies tomorrow please, whoever is in charge of that sort of thing.Got as far as Stuttgart and are currently holed up in Motel One Hotel. It is clean and dry and warm, and an ace opportunity for us to dry out our gear. Gordon leaves in the morning to ride back to London, which should be quicker on his Transalp alone than it has been following two not in the least bit run in Chinese scooters.  The plan for us is to continue on towards Austria and if we go well, Slovenia. Fingers crossed on that one.Depends as much on the weather as anything though.

Did a bit of farkling last night in Luxembourg. Changed the oil, adjusted and oiled the chains, pumped the tyres and removed the kick start arm from both bikes it was a right pain in the arse. Don't know who designed it but there was no room for even a small foot let alone bigger hooves. So that came off and will be on its way back to England in the morning. Also gave the sheepskins a haircut and they now sit flush, instead of half up in the air,which is alot more comfortable.

    Nadine riding towards a double rainbow in Germany


No I didn't crash, just drpped the camera (its on a lanyard round my neck) because riding one handed round bends and filming is more difficult than I thought, particularly when something appears out of a sideroad.