Sunday, 13 May 2012

Its bloody snowing here!

What is going on? It was 30 degrees yesterday and the day before but cold and raining this morning. Now its even colder and snowing which is not good because we're off to Montenegro in the morning, and with Bosnian driving being the way it is, the added hazard of snow and ice is not an attractive proposition at the best of times. So we will have to reassess in the morning and if its too bad, we will stay here a few more days and blat it to Bulgaria when we can. Well blat it as much as you can on a Chinese 110 scooter.

So what did we do today? Well, we set off for Mostar this morning but got so cold and wet that we turned round and came back after 50 kms, had a snooze,  then went down the hill to a coffee shop, where we drank coffee and smoked shisha all afternoon.
 Look, a real dragon........
And another one..........

Then we came back, fixed my rear tyre which had punctured on the return from the Mostar trip that never was, then had a barbeque. In the snow. But at least its not settling - yet.