Tuesday, 8 May 2012

An easy day today

Decided we'd have a bit of an easy time of it today and not pack in the kms because we've spent the past few days doing that in order to get out of Northern Europeand we're tired.So we rode from Bled to Bohinj (about 30k) where there is another lake ( Lake Bohinj)) and a spectacular waterfall. Seriously spectacular - in fact there are two of them one 78m high, the other 25, both rejoicing in the name of Slap Savica. Climbed up there for some photos and a well deserved rest - a very steep, heart pumping climb - then a quick stop for coffee, and a ride to Ljubljana. Only we didn't get very far because Nadine got a puncture so we stopped to fix that. Took us about 20 mins, by which time it was hot. Once that was done, we went up over the mountain towards Ljubljana but accidentally took a very rural logging road. through a forest which made for some interesting gravelly mud riding, but just as they do, the little scoots just got on with it and we had no trouble.

 Castle and Lake Bled

Arrived in Ljubljana at about 5pm, found somewhere to stay, and farkled the bikes - which are now covered with forest mud. Nothing much to do on them other than check tyre pressure, chain tension, repair the holed tube and look for the source of a very annoying rattle which has puzzled us both for the last several days. Its like a tinny vibration but we just couldn't locate it. Nothing serious, but annoying. But then we hit on it - a baffle from inside the exhaust had snapped off, melted, and was  pinging about inside. It was just visible, so we pulled it out, and hey presto. Job done.

Ate in the town last night. Really nice place, churches and castles and rivers and pavement cafes etc.

But then there's always  bit of the familiar.......spot the carrier bag

Weather is warm and sunny and we've done our washing.  Planning to ride across across Croatia today, heading for Banja Luka in Bosnia and then Sarajevo tomorrow.